HVAC Repair Contractor in San Antonio

How to Find an HVAC Repair Contractor in San Antonio TX

One thing you shouldn’t want to find out after the HVAC Repair contractor in San Antonio gets there is that you will need a brand new AC.  As you are probably aware, they are a major cost.  People in San Antonio are told consistently they need a brand HVAC unit, but really lack the experience to know definitely. So, rather than of putting all your reliance in an expert, who might just want the bonus of a big purchase, you might prepare yourself by learning a little bit about your HVAC System in San Antonio to know if it might be on the way out. In a state like Texas, that can get extremely hot, so often a central unit will break on one of the hottest days or one of the coldest days when it is pushed to the brink. Next thing you know, your are presented with a surprise major expense.


How Old is Your HVAC System in San Antonio

If you didn’t acquire your existing HVAC unit in your house, you should try to figure out its age. Any HVAC unit in San Antonio that is over 10 years of age is more than likely seeing its last years and is more than likely costing you money because of its loss in efficiency. In fact, when you are worried IF it will break down, you should be worried WHEN it will break down. If you seriously want to extend the life of your HVCA unit in San Antonio, it should be properly maintained. If you are not sure about the age of the unit, you need to find the serial number and give the manufacturer of the unit a call.

The Coil is a Main Failing Component of Your HVAC Unit

The coil is a primary component of the your HVAC unit. Since the task of the coil to extract humidity, a failing coil will render your house more humid. Rather than feeling refreshing, like the average air conditioners should make you feel, your home will feel clammy. Another clue that your evaporator is defective is they commonly get froze up or attract mold.

Season Energy Efficiency


A common term utilized in the HVAC profession that you should be familiar with in San Antonio is the term SEER or “Seasonal Energy Efficiency”. As the SEER drops, there is a likewise drop in efficiency of your air conditioner system. If your power costs are going up and you can offer no other explanation, there is a good chance your HVAC System is losing efficiency and having to work harder to cool your home. If this is true, you will probably need to seriously look into replacing your central unit.

As you might know A/C are not produced to last forever. Before you schedule your next visit, you should ask a professional air conditioning business in the vicinity and get advice. But before you do that, remember what we talked about in order that you will know for sure what is actually needed.